Award-Winning House Renovation in South Charlotte

Kitchen, Breakfast Room, Mud Room, Back Porch - Scroll down to read their word-for-word testimonial.

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Homeowners' Comments, in their own words:

We are very happy with our experience with Shea Custom. Bryan is a great contractor. His even keel personality was perfect for our family. There were times he could have over reacted to situations but he was always calm and made sure to do what was needed to make everyone happy. We had an instance with a leak in the ceiling around Christmas. Bryan was completely responsive. Rather than bad mouth the roofers or complain about what happened, he looked for a solution and we moved forward. We were initially frustrated with delays in permits but Bryan was completely honest with us and was always straightforward, he didn't just tell us what we wanted to hear. Again, regardless of whose "fault" it was, he never placed the blame on anyone but just moved forward. Bryan was really great to work with. He was great with our children. He was always there when he said that he would be there. He was always responsive via phone and email. We have many friends that would not recommend their builder/contractor but we can honestly say that we would. In fact, you are working on a friend's home right now.

Charlie was great at getting the whole project started and then moving along. He worked with us on our budget and got us what we believe was the best value for our dollar. He was sensitive to our needs and made himself available any time that we needed him. He didn't beat around the bush and was completely honest in every situation. Charlie set us up with Dee (Design Consultant) on our initial visits and we were able to accomplish, what might have taken others weeks, in just a few minutes. The design center was amazing and I feel saved me so much time and energy. They had a great selection and let me choose what I wanted on my own when they didn't have the selections I wanted. Dee worked with me so well and truly made my vision a reality. Overall, our team, Charlie, Dee and Bryan were great. We couldn't have asked for anything more. - 7/21/16